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"As a musician, songwriter and singer, Christopher Brown stands with the best of them". 
~Phil Ciganer, owner, Towne Crier Cafe

If you’ve lived a life – victories and defeats, good days and bad -- you’ll recognize yourself in the songs of Christopher Brown.

You’ll find glimpses of people you’ve known, flashes of life’s turning points, stirrings of emotions tied to moments in time. Brown captures the simple truths that we share in song, with offhand insight and humor. He writes tales of lessons learned and of taking stock through life’s journey. He chuckles over the big stuff, even death, but sings with tenderness of the small turns in life that leave their marks on all of us.  It’s no wonder that Phil Ciganer, owner of the Towne Crier Café in Beacon, New York, who has presented the greatest singer-songwriters of a generation, says “Christopher Brown stands with the best of them". 

It’s not easy to be a working musician in the Greater New York City region for 40 years. So many have come and gone. But Brown has built several followings that endure. He’s known as a solo artist, as well as the leader and voice of the Bookends band, which has been rocking out since the year of our nation’s bicentennial, 1976.

Whether he’s performing by himself or with friends, Brown wins over audiences without gimmicks or bluster. He has an organic stage presence. All he needs are his honeyed rumble of a voice and an unteachable ability to make any song – a good-time singalong of a favorite standard or a self-penned meditation on the passage of time – sound genuine and of the moment.

Brown has showcased his original songs on five albums: Go West (2001); Hangin' In (2004); Characterist (2011); Dots (2019); and The Brown Album (2020).

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